Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jelly Sandwich Success? I think so!

I was blog hopping the other day and discovered KBShimmer nail polish on someone's blog. I saw the Band Geek glitter and was so excited! My 16 year old daughter is a marching band geek and I knew she would love this polish! I loved it too, so it was a must buy! It is gorgeous gold, copper and silver glitters in a black jelly base. Two coats and it looks beautiful! Now, I can't ever just buy one polish...that won't justify paying shipping! lol So, I bought my 13 year old daughter Clown Puke. This is an AWESOME glitter!! Colorful, assorted shapes of glitter in a clear base. I just KNEW it would help me be successful in doing a Jelly Sandwich manicure...and I was right! At least I think it looks pretty fantastic:

I used one coat of Wet n Wild Megalast 205B Sugar Coat (can I just say that I LOVE the brush on these polishes?!?!), one coat of KBShimmer Clown Puke and then one more coat of Sugar Coat. I just love this look! I would NEVER wear Clown Puke as a top layer because it is so bright and young and I am so not young anymore. But, in a Jelly Sandwich, it is perfect! My husband said it reminds him of Robin Egg malted milk balls and I have to agree. lol

Well, almost perfect...after a day of wearing this manicure, I decided to add Northern Lights holographic top coat to it to add a little 'kick':

It is hard to see in pictures, but the Northern Lights added just enough sparkle and dimension to make me very happy!! I now am on a mission to find more awesome glitters and nail colors to do Jelly Sandwiches. I think I am addicted!

And also, take a minute to stop by KBShimmer and check out their gorgeous polishes! They are so worth buying and they ship FAST!

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  1. So pretty!!! I never know if a jelly sandwich combination is going to work out until its all done and I have had a lot of duds....this one is gorgeous though, nicely done!